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The Dwell House

For more than 20 years, Dwell has championed design that improves people’s lives. Now, we’re drawing on that expertise to make it easy to add more space to your home. The Dwell House is a 540-square-foot, one-bedroom ADU that fits in most backyards. It’s constructed off-site and transported to your property in a seamless process developed by our partner Abodu. The Dwell House lets you have the extra room you need without the house hunt or months of construction.

1 Bedroom
Full Bathroom
540 sq ft
12 ft Folding Glass Wall
Full Kitchen
Unlimited Addition

The Dwell House fits on most lots and is designed for versatility—whether you’re adding a rental unit or just need more room for your family.

Lives bigger
than it looks
Metal Roof
Side Entry
Custom Lighting
12' Folding Glass Wall
Cedar Siding
Concealed Appliances
Quartz Countertops
Full Kitchen
Built-in Shelves
Engineered Oak Floors
Indoor/Outdoor Space
Built-in Storage Bench
Wraparound Tile
Curbless Shower
Custom Cabinetry
Optional Washer/Dryer
Pocket Doors for Privacy
Huge Windows
Closets With Drawers
38 FT
14 FT
to fit
your life

With one bedroom and a full bath that can be closed off from the kitchen and living room, the Dwell House is perfect for guests—no matter how long they’re staying.

Home Office

When you’re tired of working from your kitchen, the Dwell House adds a light-filled office to your property, perfect for video calls or just a bit of heads-down time.

Fitness Retreat

Whether you’re pushing past fitness goals or looking for a quiet place to meditate, the Dwell House gives you room to stretch out.

Pool House

Facing a deck or a patio, the Dwell House gives your backyard a perfect place for entertaining—or to rinse off after a dip.


The Dwell House arrives fully built, and everything from construction to delivery is baked into the starting price of $439,000. That includes:

• A complete Dwell House with all finishes, lighting, and appliances.

• Standard site work, including foundation, trenching, and utility tie-in.

• Delivery from the factory to your property.

• Installation of the Dwell House on your site (including craning up to 100 feet).

• A dedicated project manager to oversee everything and take care of permitting for you.

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Price does not include sales tax and municipality permit fees.

Dwell has selected materials and finishes that meet our high standards for quality, durability, and design, from the aluminum roof to the engineered oak floors.

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The bathroom features wraparound tile and a curbless shower.
comes standard

Dwell works with the best designers out there, and the Dwell House arrives with a curated selection of fixtures from some of our favorite studios.

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The Dwell House ships with a pendant fixture from RBW and exterior sconces from Ravenhill Studio in every unit.
Hassle-free way to build

The Dwell House arrives at your property fully constructed, with exceptional customer service by Abodu every step of the way.

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Solid investment

With clear pricing, you can improve the value of your property with confidence.

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