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Nearly 50 percent of our customers finance their purchase by refinancing their primary home or getting a home equity line of credit. Many also choose to rent their backyard house to offset payments. Here’s how the average monthly cost of financing compares to the average rent for a one bedroom in markets where the Dwell House is currently available.

Monthly Dwell House payment
Average 1 Br Rental
Potential Earnings

Monthly payment assumes line of credit of $389,000 equal to base cost of Dwell House with fixed 4.5% interest rate, a 30-year repayment term, and a 20% down payment.

Average of 1 BR rentals in major California and Washington metropolitan areas based on Zumper research.

Clear pricing
Dwell House

From a clear starting price of $389,000 in total costs, you know the numbers before work even begins.

Traditional Build

Traditional construction comes with design fees, permitting costs, contractor payments, subcontractor payments, and—almost inevitably—unpredictable budget overruns.


Why now is the right time to build a backyard house
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